What’s Holding You Back From Moving Forward?

Imagine being out in the wilderness on a beautiful spring day.  There is a stream flowing downhill filled with colorful fish, rocks and leaves.  The birds are singing and you can feel the sun shining on your face.  Ahhhhh!  You start to walk along the stream and follow a school of fish swimming by.  Up ahead, you notice some bark from a tree is blocking part of the stream.  Leaves and rocks are starting to form a barrier making it very difficult for the fish to pass through.  It seems as though there is not enough room for the fish to move forward and break on through to the other side.  Because of this “perceived” illusion, the fish start to give up.  Now what? (Can you relate?)

As a life coach, one of the common topics clients want to focus on is moving forward in their lives when something is holding them back.  Their goals, dreams and ideas are like the rocks and leaves in the stream.  The stream represents the flow of life events and experiences.  The tree bark  and leaves are the fears, mental blocks and false beliefs that appear to hold them back from moving forward.  With coaching, I help clients become aware of all the paths in the stream of their minds they might not have seen.  We discover ways to put a plan of actions in place to take action, grow and change.

What’s holding you back from moving forward?  Now is the perfect time to dive into the stream of change.


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New Year’s Goals, Not Resolutions

This article was written by Life Coach Jennifer Bridge

With the New Year only a few days away, I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2011.  Yes, I make goals, not resolutions.  I have found resolutions to be too open-ended.  In the past, I lost focus and motivation when it came to my New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, statistics clearly show that most people do not stick to their New Year’s resolutions beyond the first few weeks of January.  Ever notice how jam packed the gym is the beginning of January?  How about all of the people that are moody and barely have patience from starting their resolutions to give up smoking, caffeine and junk food? By February, many are left feeling frustrated and discouraged because they were not able to keep their resolutions.  If this sounds familiar, you might want to set New Year’s goals instead.

Do you know what your goals are for the New Year?  There are many ways to come up with your goals.  One of the tools that I use with my clients is the Life Assessment Wheel.  It gives a snapshot of all areas of a person’s life.  The Life Assessment Wheel shows the successful areas in your life and the ones that need to be improved.

Another approach I use is to have clients envision a clean slate for creating new ideas and possibilities.  Then we make a list of what comes up.  That list is turned into goals that are achievable, measurable and in line with where you want to go.  Many people find it beneficial to work with a life coach on their goals, so they are held accountable and stay on track.

Managing your goals can feel overwhelming.  There are some wonderful websites out there to keep everything in order. Some of the ones I recommend are Stickk, 43 Things, Remember the Milk, Zealog, SuperViva, Achievr, Goal Setting 1 and Life Tango.  Whether the site calls it life tracking, personal metrics, important things to do or goals, these virtual tools are sure to be another helpful resource.