Believe in YOUrself

577108_367679263309780_1429267908_nYour glass is half full.

Believe in yourself.

Focus on the good.

You’ve gotten this far, right?  Keep going!

What is calling you?

Take a deeper listen to the spiritual being within and turn it into a human experience to remember.

Any fear or doubt only adds another push towards your greatness.

Any obstacles can be turned into stepping stones.

Rise above!  Get in touch with your purpose.

The path is there.  Just let go and it will become clearer.


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Spiritual beings having a human experience

This quote inspired me to change the name of my blog to “A Human Experience.”  It reminded me that we are all one.  We are spiritual beings by nature.  Our journey through life is paved with experiences.  These experiences are something that we all have in common, collectively.  We can help one another by sharing them.

And so it begins.  The new focus here will be on my random experiences as a human.