Take Heartfelt Action

img_7165This week has felt like a wild roller coaster ride.  Emotions were running high with unforeseen twists and turns. It’s time to recenter. Let go of all negativity, dark energy, emotional walls and thoughts that do not serve the greater good.

Join in embracing our democracy. May we all come together and stand united to lift one another up. May our hearts remain open and filled with love, light, peace and hope. Let’s focus on what part each of us can play to make our home, community, state, country and world a better place.

The election is over, the reflection can begin.  Give yourself permission to be right where you are. Connect with your feelings. What have you learned about yourself and others through this experience?

Thoughts become things. Focus on the positive ones.  It takes practice. It’s a mindful choice. Each one of us can look within to determine if what we are putting out into the world is coming from a place of love or fear.  Are your words helpful or hurtful?

Take heartfelt action.  What can you do today to contribute towards the solution?  It can be on a small scale.  A random act of kindness goes a long way.  Listen to a friend who needs to be heard.  Smile at a stranger.  Check on an elderly neighbor.  Let a car in front of you during rush hour.  Hold the door for someone.  Let your loved ones know how much you love them.  Give a compliment.  Pay it forward.

In the Virtual or Present Moment?

As man becomes fatter, television becomes thinner.

“In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.” ~Eckhart Tolle

When I was a kid, we played outside for hours, ate dinner as a family and physically had to get up to change the channel on the television.  That was about 35 years ago (wink, wink.)  It is mind-blowing to see how much things have changed.  Some for the better and some for the worse.  The advances in technology have brought computers, iPads, smart phones, 3-D television and more into our reality.  More then ever, we have the tools needed to connect to others anytime we desire.  Yet, our society seems to be more disconnected socially then ever.

The other night, I was at a restaurant waiting for my carry-out order.  I could not help but notice a father and son sitting at a table having dinner together.  What stood out was the disconnect.  The father was paying all of his attention to his iPhone while his son played with his food.  Not one word was said in the 5 – 10 minute time frame that I was there waiting for my food.  The son looked up at his father a few times, but didn’t say a word.  It made me wonder if that had become the new version of going out to dinner together.  Physically, they were at the same table, but the interaction was not there.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I think advances in technology have many benefits.  To name a few examples, technology helps to save lives, keeps us safe, guide us to destinations and allows us to communicate with people around the world.  However, when something good is taken to an extreme, it can backfire.  Have we become too dependent on it?  I literally felt my stomach turn and broke out in a sweat when I left my blackberry at home one day.  I had withdrawal.  Part of my routinue was thrown off.  That can’t be a good thing.

 Our society seems to be allowing technology to take our ability to be in the moment.  Sitting still has become a foreign concept to some people.  I became more aware of the power of technology when I went to get gas the other day.  I heard a television show playing in the background.  I looked around and noticed there were small monitors playing commercials for new shows at each gas pump.  Really? Isn’t this a little extreme.  I made me realize how nice it was to sit in my car in silence for a few precious moments waiting for the gas tank to fill.  The sound of the television blarring the the background was taking me few moments of silence away.   

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ~Albert Einstein

When was the last time you lost power from a bad storm?  What did you do?  Did it reconnect you with the present moment?   How long can you go without using the computer, television, iPad, cell phone, music, email or texting?  Do you remember what it was like to wake up and not grab the cell phone right away? 

When was the last time you sat still and connected with the present moment instead of the virtual moment?   


Handling the Holidays


With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, we are on the verge of another holiday season.  It’s hard to believe, right?  I feel like I was just laying out at the pool.  But the seasons have changed.  The invites to Thanksgiving dinners and Holiday parties will soon begin to arrive.  The cooking, eating, decorating, holiday list making, budgeting, shopping, planning, scheduling, holiday card writing, running around and more is about to begin.  Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed yet?


Be a part of the upcoming coaching program called “Handling the Holidays” starting in November where you can DISCOVER HOW TO:

  • Be your best self during the holidays
  • Become aware and let go of fears that come up this time of year
  • Overcome the overwhelm of the holiday season
  • Make a budget, better manage  your money and spending
  • Get along (or at least be civil) to certain family members during holiday gatherings
  • Stay fit, eat healthy and maintain peace of mind
  • Get organized and balanced
  • Help others and get outside of yourself
  • Create a realistic New Year’s plan

By participating in the Handling the Holidays coaching program, you will RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING:

  • Benefit of having Jennifer Bridge, an ICF certified Coach facilitating the coaching calls
  • Two group coaching calls per month (Nov, Dec and Jan)
  • One individual coaching call per month  (Nov, Dec and Jan)
  • Email support between coaching calls as needed
  • Coaching tools to help you handle the holidays
  • Accountability and a new awareness
  • Empowerment and Support on an individual and group level
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • A motivating push towards positive changes

If you are interested in life coaching, but cannot begin in early November, contact Jennifer Bridge at lifecoach@jenniferbridge.com to set up a time that works best for you.  For more details, on the Handling the Holidays coaching program, go to http://www.readytochangelifecoaching.com/handling_the_holidays.html