Affirmations of Inspiration

Affirmations are mantras people use to impress the subconscious mind with a repetitive thought that can motivate, inspire and give the confidence needed to accomplish goals. When positive affirmations are practiced on a regular basis, they can be extremely powerful.  They have helped to change people’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and lives.

Below are a variety of positive affirmations of inspiration. Which ones resonate with you the most?  Practice repeating one or a few several times in the morning, night or throughout the entire day.  It might feel uncomfortable at first.  That’s okay.  After a few days, notice the difference it begins to make.

I have no need to hold on to anything because I am the love in all things.

It is safe for me to let go of all worry and just reveal the love that I am.

It is okay for me to just be.

I let go of all responsibility except the responsibility to be love.

I trust in the power of love to heal my body.

I let go of all worry about the future, knowing that as I yield to love, the very best things possible will happen.

I have no need to worry about anyone or anything. I can just be.

When I feel afraid, I love my fear.

When I feel anxious, I love my anxiety.

When I start to feel that I need to be in control, I love my feeling that I need to be in control.

I am not afraid of any of my feelings. I love all my feelings.

All my feelings are trying to help me get well. I include them in love so that I may truly get well.

I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to learn the lessons of love.

I find it easier and easier each day to let go and just be love.

I let go of all worry about what I should or should not do, and simply let myself know what is right for me to do moment by moment.

I know that I am being guided and that I cannot do the “wrong” thing.

I let the power of love heal me.

The more I let go, the more powerful I am.

The less I try to take responsibility, the more responsible I am.

I can just relax about everything that has been worrying me, and enjoy the process of healing.

The more I let go, the more alive I am.

The more I let go, the healthier I am.

I trust my body’s urge to heal. I don’t have to make it get well. All I have to do is support it.
I am becoming healthier every day.

As I yield to love, my body feels better and better.

I now release all negative thoughts I’ve picked up from others (through my medical treatment, etc.).

I allow new life to move in my heart [can name any area needing healing].

I receive the energy of my essence.

Each cell of my body receives the healing light of my essence.

I now let go to my inner healing source.

I am my healing power.

I deserve to be healed.

I deserve to feel perfectly well.

Love and light are with me always.

I am eternally safe in the light.

The light is always with me.

I am the light.

I ask that the divine, universal spirit bring total healing into my life.

It is now safe for me to open to love.

I receive perfect health into my physical body.

I fully let go of all old, negative patterns for my physical body.

I let go of all negative ideas about my body.

I find it easy to let go.

I no longer need to clench.

It feels so good to let go and relax.

I am now fully supported from within.

I no longer experience myself as hanging off a cliff. I am on solid ground. Therefore, I can let go.

I am the healing energy of my soul.

I am a magnificent, radiant being.

I am the love that assuages all my fears.

I no longer have to struggle.

I receive healing energy directly into all areas of need.

My pain is simply a reminder to open to healing energy.

I continue to receive healing power.

I am harmonious.

I receive energy.

I receive health.

I am the source of my health.

I receive love.

I receive love in my head [can name any other body part].

I release myself into love.

I accept my anger.

I love my anger.

I accept my frustration.

I love my frustration. (You cannot go past your frustration, but you can go through it. Love your frustration and it will change. There is power in acceptance and love. If you battle your frustration, it will entrench itself.)

I open to my frustration.

It is all right for me to feel angry and frustrated.

I relax into my anger and frustration.

I love and accept my body exactly the way it is, just as a mother loves and accepts her child exactly the way he (she) is.

My body is learning to breathe freely all the time.

There is no need to fight or struggle with anything.

When I begin to fight or struggle, I remember to relax.

It is easy for me to relax completely.

It is easy for me to receive the healing power of love.

I acknowledge love as the fundamental energy of life.

I acknowledge love as the most powerful force in the universe.

Every cell of my body is receiving love.

Love is already a reality. I continue to open to it more and more.

I open to love (peace, etc.) with my whole being.

I let go of struggle.

I let go to the love I am.

I am learning to see love all around me.

All the people around me are embodiments of love.

Since love is the source of healing, I see all the people around me as sources of healing.

All the plants (animals, minerals, objects, etc.) around me are embodiments of love and sources of healing.

I trust love.

I am love.

I am the power of love.

I am the healing power of love.

I fill my whole space with love.

Opening to love sets me free.

In love, I embrace life.

I need not cling to life in desperation. I trust life, and know that it is always there for me. Therefore, I simply relax.

I embrace life heartily through the food I eat.

The truth sets me free to be more fully who I already am.

I am already love, truth, life, health, joy, peace, and happiness.

I let the river inside me flow.

I let the river inside me carry away all that does not belong.

I trust my power.

I dare to be love.

I acknowledge my letting go.

I am the letting go.

I continue letting go.

I now allow my essence to come forth fully and fill my space.

I now allow my essence to burn away any residues of what does not belong.

As I let go of what does not belong, I feel lighter and lighter.

I allow love to come forth and fill my whole space.

I am the love that fills my space.

I invite my anger (darkness, hate, shortcomings, etc.) in my love.

I forgive myself.

I forgive the part of me that makes mountains out of molehills.

I include in my love the part of me that feels powerless.

I am ready to let go.

I release my fear of letting go.

I let go.

I am whole.

I am the harmony of my wholeness.

I open to my harmony now.

I release my fear of harmony.

I reestablish harmony.

I allow myself to be fully in harmony.

I am at peace with my harmony.

I let go of all my limiting concepts about myself.

I open to my essence.

I now reclaim my life.

 Click here to see the short 4 minute video called “Powerful Affirmations.”

2 thoughts on “Affirmations of Inspiration

  1. The beauty of a mind starts from creating a thought to reacting the thought! The power of a mind starts from facing a mirror with another opposite mirror!
    The moment of a mind starts from applying both beauty and power in life!
    The rest of a mind starts from forgiving others and giving oneself a true life! The business of a mind starts from the very important person of oneself!


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