We Rise by Lifting Others

It has been way too long since I’ve added a post to this blog.  This is my first post of 2012 and it’s already June!  But when I saw this picture, it motivated me to add a post.  Something has been missing the last few months.  Part of it has to do with shifting some priorities around in my life.  Finding balance and time to do it all is always a challenge as well.  Like the picture says, “WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.”  So I’ve challenged myself to focus on lifting others.  As soon as I started thinking about ways to give back, help others and be selfless, I started feeling better inside.  Imagine how good it will feel when I put it into action.  Writing this post is the start of it.

Do you want to join my challenge to focus on lifting others?  Well come on!  WHAT CAN YOU DO TO LIFT ANOTHER PERSON’S SPIRIT?  Think about it.  Make a list.  Ask yourself at the start of your day, during the day and at night.  Pay attention to what comes to mind.  Put it into action.  Leave a comment to check in and let us know how it’s going.







2 thoughts on “We Rise by Lifting Others

  1. I am so connecting with you. I feel thay it id my duty to encourage and empoerr anotger person. I have
    Examined myself and used my experiences to help someone else to get ahead . I do not take my life for granted nor anyone else. I would like to see people become the best person they can be.

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  2. I think that it is great that you finally decided to post for 2012! I think that the quote you took a picture of “we rise by lifting others” is something that people should think about a lot more often than they do. I started thinking about this quote because I was watching a show called Taboo on The National Geographic Channel and there was a boy on the show who had Treacher Collins’ disease. The disease makes it appear as though an individual’s face is disfigured. The boy that had it was only eight years old and such a sweet individual. However, other children made fun of him, he was never invited to birthday parties, and even other children’s parents shunned him. I couldn’t believe it! I expected so much more from people and it turned out that when parents did not have a child or a family member that suffered from the same condition they did not know how to be empathetic. I don’t think that we should pity one another but I don’t think that we should put other people down for no reason at all. I’m an intern for a life coach and he gives life coaches tips on how to help their clients on his site http://www.mycoachtraining.com. I hope that life coaches would use some of this advice to help their clients if they haven’t done so already. A lot of people don’t just need career coaching, a lot of people need to find themselves so that they can understand how to care for other people again. I hope that everyone tries to do that.

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