How do you make everything OK?


I found the magic button to make everything OK!  After years of searching, it virtually came to me.  You can see it for yourself at the Magic Button – Make Everything OK page.  This got me thinking.  If only it was as easy as clicking a magic button.  Which led to the question, how do you make everything OK?

Whether we see it or not, at this moment everything really is OK.  Our thoughts about the past and projections about the future are what blurs our perception of reality.  Being present is the best way that I have found to be OK.  It is so easy to let the weight of the world build up on our shoulders.  Between trying to get all of the items on our “things to do” list done, day-to-day routinues and planning for the future, it can feel overwhelming.  In that moment, I have found it helpful to take a deep breath and focus on the air going in and then out.  After doing some deep breathing for a moment and focusing on the present moment, I feel more centered.  It brings my mind back to reality where everything really is OK.  (My back-up alternative is ice-cream!)


5 thoughts on “How do you make everything OK?

  1. This is so true. At my most stressed (just before starting the day in a high pressure teaching situation) I would tell myself “I am OK right now, just take one more breath, still OK? yes! one more breath then…..It worked to calm me so I could face the fray.


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