Jav-A-Ha Moment

I only had two sips of my morning coffee before I attempted to get out of the car.  I was holding my keys in one hand and a couple of bags on my shoulder.  I opened the door to get out and the coffee slipped out of my hand and bounced across my legs and in the air before I could regain control of my cup.  (Luckily it was a recyclable to go cup with a lid.).  When the coffee incident was over, I had HUGE spots of coffee on my jeans, shirt, and car seat.  What a mess!  My immediate reaction was to laugh.  Yep, I laughed over spilled coffee.

It got me thinking about how much I’ve changed.  A few years ago, my reaction would have been very different.  I would have been so mad at myself for spilling the coffee and angry at everyone in my path the rest of the morning.  It was hard for me to let things go back then.  I could turn a small thing like spilling coffee into such a big deal.  But over the years, I’ve learned how to keep things right-sized in my life.  Getting upset does not serve me.  Instead, I can laugh it off, say “oops” and move on.  What a feeling!

How we react to things is a good way to recognize where we are on the barometer of life.  If I hadn’t spilled the coffee on myself this morning, then I would not have noticed my reaction.  Maybe it wasn’t an accident after all.  Maybe it was the universe sending me a Jav-A-Ha moment.


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