Giving Back

This article was written by Life Coach Jennifer Bridge

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and also the most stressful for many people.  During the month of December, it is very easy to get caught up in the shopping, gift giving, volunteering, cooking, holiday parties, reunions and time with friends and family.  Oh my!  We are so busy running around taking care of all the seasonal details that we often forget to give back to ourselves.  Yes, that means you!  What gift did you get for yourself this season?  (Did you feel some resistance come up when you read the last few questions?)

It is very common to be thrown off track by the thought of giving back to yourself, especially during the holiday season.  There is so much focus on giving to others and by all means it is an amazing thing to do.  When we give to others, we get our spirit filled back in return.  However, there is a balance that tends to be way off around this time of year.  In fact, when I ask clients what gift they are giving themselves for the holiday, there are surprised by the question.  I have heard many reasons for why giving a gift to themselves is not on the list.   They either don’t have enough money or time to spend on themselves.  As I dig deeper, I learn it has to do with not having the self-worth to see the value in spending the money and time on themselves.  I remind them that they are worth it.  The action of giving back starts with you.

Not having the money to spend is not a reason, it’s an excuse.  Giving back to yourself does not have to cost a thing. Save your money and instead give yourself the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Take a bubble bath, read a book, listen to music, go hiking, meditate or any other activity that you enjoy is priceless.  It restores your energy and gives you the gift of balance, peace and serenity.

May your holiday season be fully of joy, love, light and relaxation!!


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