Thirty Second Relaxation Practices

The following article was written by Carole Fogarty

“Change one thing in your life, and it effects all your life

Value your time, by appreciating the huge potential your next 30 seconds has.  I regularly add thirty second breaks into my day to stop, breath, soften my body and adjust my thinking.  It’s a very simple way to add lots of little healthy  relaxation practices into the day.   All you need, is the co-operation of your mind, body and breath, to enjoy, and achieve,  30 seconds of relaxation.

Thirty seconds is not a demanding amount of time.  It requires minimum effort, very little concentration power and doesn’t need to be scheduled into your diary.

A thirty seconds relaxation practice is very do-able – anywhere, anytime.  The shower, the car, before you get out of bed, or especially when you are waiting in a queue. It’s a very portable and flexible relaxation habit – perfect for a super busy lifestyle.

Kick start your 30 second relaxation habit:

Simply leave post-it notes saying “It’s time for 30 seconds of  relaxation” on as many surfaces as you want.  The steering wheel of your car, bathroom mirror, on your pillow, computer, in your diary, coffee mug, oven, on your clock – wherever you want.

Perhaps today, perhaps right now, is the perfect time for you to enjoy a thirty second relaxation practice.

5 of the best 30 second relaxation practices

1:  Sounds of the ocean therapy:

Close your eyes, cup the palms of your hands over your ears, un-hunch your shoulders and listen to the sounds of the ocean, playing inside your head (designed especially to calm your thoughts).  Yes, it’s true, when your hands are gently cupped over your ears you can hear the ocean.

With your eyes closed, picture yourself on the beach with all the sunshine and warmth.  Feel, and enjoy the next 30 seconds of peace as you turn inwards, away from the outside world and listen to your own creative ocean therapy.

2: Smile into your organs:

The ancient Taoists believe that a constant inner smile is the key to health, well-being and longevity.

A smile, when energetically directed towards your internal body (along with the help of your breath) can improve blood flow, release tension and free up stuck emotions.  You’d be surprised how tight and tense your organs can get.

Close your eyes, relax and smile. Feel the smile cover your entire face.  Now transfer that smile into your liver.  Use your inhale to invite your smile to penetrate deep into your liver.  Feel your liver respond by softening and letting go, as it receives the healing energy from your smile.

3: Ask for a hug:

Touch is healing so hug loud, hug well, hug often and hug longer.

Hug your children, partner, pet or close friends more often. Heck, why not give free hugs to strangers. It is said that we need at least 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. Wow, that’s an impressive daily quota.

So if hugging therapy seems like your thing, make hugging your new relaxation habit.

4: Belly breathing to calm an anxious stomach:

Most of the yoga classes I go to start with belly breathing.  After a few rounds, I feel my scattered energies have been called back, my stomach begins to un-knot and soften, I have more awareness of my body and how its feeling (very important), and I most definately feel calmer.

Start by rubbing your hands together and then placing your warm palms onto your belly.  Encourage your breath to flow down into your belly area.  Feel your hands rise with each inhale and fall with each exhale.

To further deepen your belly breathing relaxation practice, breathe into the sides and back of your belly area. This will automatically invite more oxygen and blood flow into this area of your body.

Enjoy the relaxing gifts that belly breathing has to offer your body, mind and soul.

5:  Calm your mind with a mantra:

A mantra sends a clear message to your body, and is a practical no fuss way to take charge of scattered, anxious, stressed thinking. Remember your thoughts are not in charge – you are.

Repeating the mantra “Breathing in I am calm”  Breathing out I smile” for 30 seconds will encourage your muscles to relax, your thoughts to slow down and your breath to deepen.

This wonderful relaxation mantra is borrowed from the awesome Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master and his book Present Moment Wonderful Moment: Mindfulness verses for daily living.


To learn more about relaxation practices and creating positive changes in your life, contact Life Coach    Jennifer Bridge for a free intro phone appointment at or visit to find out more. Namaste

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